These are some concept business plans I'm testing out


SciCollab's mission, "Organize all the world's unsolved science problems (starting with incurable diseases) to make them universally accessible and solvable" (click to view)

Preventable's mission, "A web app for citizens to advocate all companies and people preventing violence, accidents, disasters, global issues" (Click to view)

Whole Body Prosethetics', mission "Organize all the world’s biomechanical engineering parts (starting as novel life support) to build bionic bodies" (concept)

A theoretical approach on how to create a universal mind upload center. Click to view (concept)

There are two tech entrepreneurs who in the 90's founded finance companies: PayPal and Braintree. Today, in 2018, they founded neurotechnology companies: Neuralink and They are studying how to connecting brains to computers because artificial intelligence will automated the jobs of people so we have to keep up

Click to view (concept)

Build nanomedicine/nanorobots that can go in your bloodstream to your immune system to destroy virtually all disease

Click to view (concept)

3D bioprint human bodies' mission, "Organize all the world’s bioprinted parts (starting as novel life support) to build human bodies" (Click to view) (Concept)