Is it fair that some people have resources that others don’t?

I feel sad that some people have knowledge that others don’t. 

Is it fair I even get to ask these and others don’t based on the resources available?

Am I allowed to reshare facts without giving credit to the person who shared the facts?

Is it fair some people have more money, resources, or time?

It is my understanding we have 80,000 thoughts a day and make 30,000 decisions. The “Human brain has 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses, so it is not infinitely complex.” Why should I learn, participate, and take concrete notes? And when do I chose to feel abstraction?

How do I know what’s good knowledge? How do I know what’s bad knowledge? How do I find time to look abstractly at the knowledge?

Is it fair people have more or less followers on Instagram?If people couldn’t read and write, what were their thoughts?

Is being a serious businessperson and comedy incompatable? 

How do you choose what question and information to ask to who?

At what point do I learn enough to be able to be dangerous in business?

Are we suppose to trust our thoughts?

Is it fair we don’t control our thoughts?

If we were never told someone how would we know that knowledge exists?

Is it fair some people are more beautiful?

How do we compartmentalize holding a lower moral standard of ourselves than others but require to fight in society against others for mating, money, solving problems etc. 

Is it fair when we’re older we have more resources and knowledge? 

How much influence do movies have on human behavior in the real world?