I attended the Harvard Symposium on Aging and stood next to Dr. Church George! I’ve also exchanged emails with the founder of Spring Discovery, Longevity Fund, a doctoral candidate at the Buck Institute for Biological Aging, a researcher at Google’s Calico Project, the Salk Institute, American Federation on Aging, Human Longevity Inc., the science writer and Cofounder of SENS Research Foundation (Aubrey de Grey). And, SENS recently sent me their t-shirt in the mail. 


In transportation, I am looking forward to driverless vehicles and space exploration. I also listed space mining companies and netjets because I think they are cool.


In longevity, I am looking forward to the prospect of a great healthspan.

Limitless lifespan

In limitless lifespan, I am looking forward to humanity staying alive.

Artificial Intelligence

In artificial intelligence, I am sharing the companies advancing or working on keeping an eye on machines/computers learning data.