My hope is 5k to filter jobs via Lever Co and $550 to open an llc/$1200 to open a nonprofit and <$1000 for legal/tax services 

Volunteer, Part-time: Law student

Story: Over many years, I have posted a ton on social media, exchanged emails, and via a variety of ways I communicated and expressed my thoughts and ideas with others. 

My job role: I will be sitting at a computer with you as we together look at my situation. I will ask legal questions.


Your job role: I am looking for help reviewing everything I’ve written and published. You have all the control and flexibility of hours. I will accomodate around what works for you. But when you are available, I would love a true committment and care for the project.

Volunteer, Part-time: Editor

Story: Over the past few months, I have taken a lot of notes and saved them in my email drafts and blog. 

My job role: go over it with me, sitting down together at a computer 

Your job role: I am looking for help going in looking at what I’ve written.

Volunteer, Part-time: Cyber Security

Story: I’ve always been scared of people hacking me or getting embarrassing information that I have on my phone publicly shared. I am also scared of information I posted publicly and removed but still exist. In addition, I use only a couple of passwords. 

My job role: I will be sitting at a computer with you as we go over this together. I will ask cyber questions.

Your job role: Hack into all my accounts then give me instruction. Or, if your not aloud, expose what’s unsecured or in the deep web. 

Volunteer, Part-time: Artist

Story: I am philosophical and like music. I have always thought hoodies that people like The Chainsmokers sell are cool and comfy. They have a website as an example. 

My job role: I will be sitting at a computer with you as we go over this together. I will ask art questions.

Your job role: Look at their website, look at my social media posts, and come up with designs. Have the green screen in the background. I would like it set ready for me to send to a merch manufacturer.  And you are available if I have follow up questions to meet in person. 

Volunteer, Part-time: Audio engineer

Story: For as long as I’ve known, I sang and played guitar. I grew up in a musical family and definitely enjoy it. Nevertheless, I’ve had trouble turning my voice and brand into a business in the industry. 

My job role: be with you in a studio when I sing. I will sing in the mic while you play around with the audio. 

Your job role: put in a instrumental I want, set up the vocals with the audio software so there is autotune, help me record all the way through. Be available to meet other times in person until I finish the song. 

Internship, Part-time, 3 credits: Coder

Overview: Pitch deck of the project: TBD

Story: This Spring, 28 Seniors worked on an idea I had. They built 6 websites written in HTML and Javascript, hosted on I do not know how coding works but am passionate about the projects.

My job role: I would like to sit with you while your on your computer each week. Asking questions, talking while you work on my requests. Maybe i’ll go walk around then come back.

Your job role: do the tasks I requests. Whenever you have the time. But when you do, you commit to them. 

Reward: It's an internship 3 credits granted by the business school. 3 hours a week totaling 56 hours.  

Volunteer, Part-time: Journalism major

Story: I’ve always found myself curious. I seriously have asked most professors at school at least one question. Sometimes, barging into their offices which I don’t know what their thoughts are always on that. I would always do it politely and try to read them to figure out if they are busy.

Your job role: be my cohost for a podcast. You ask the questions. I chime in but you do most of the talking. We interview professors at school studying science and ask them topics. 

My job role: be quitter let you do the talking. We sit in a studio room together with the person we are interviewing. Topics include me being scared of death, figuring out if we should interview a theology researcher, ask the researchers about the projects they are working on..

Volunteer, Part-time: Audio Engineer

Story: I have thought about doing a podcast. I went through all the steps and now it’s on Soundcloud and Spotify. What I don’t enjoy and really know how to do it the audio work. 

My job role: ask questions, watch

Your job role: I would like to have an intro and outro to the podcast. Then know how that works. I don’t want you to sit down for 5 minutes do it then leave. I want to ask questions and understand. 

Volunteer, Part-time: Computer coder

Story: I feel overwhelmed my society and how it’s structured. I have this idea for a web app and looking for someone to sit down and code:

My role: sit at the computer and watch you did it, ask questions

Your role: sit at the computer 

Volunteer, Part-time: Film maker

Story: I have always thought music videos were so cool. They made me feel good. I never realized until doing one myself, how incredibly difficult it is. I really don’t enjoy that process. What struck me talking to someone who said they did. I now realize that there might be someone out there who might actually be willing to give up some of their time to help me.

My role: tell you what video I would like to model after. 

Your role: make professional videos, quality like Charlie Puth

Volunteer, Part-time: Video and graphic arts

Story: I never appreciated lyric videos until I realized trying myself that they are process. It’s time consuming. Or at least for me it was. Those and animated video are super cool to me. 

My role: i would like to be with you at a computer watching you work on something

Your role: create a lyric video or cool animated video 

Volunteer, part-time: Photographer

Story: I recognize I take pretty bad photos. I also understand I am not very good with social media. 

My role: get photos taken. Not feel embarrassed. Look at them afterward. 

Your role: take photos. We go to different places with white screen and outside. You edit them on your computer. I look at the editing. 

Volunteer, part-time: philosophy major, professor, or sometimes anyone

Story: I find myself asking questions of “is it fair?” Or “why”. I suppose it never ends. I have really cool conversations with philosophers. I love asking questions. If they know a lot, that is fun for my.

My role: talking in person asking questions 

Your role: answering questions 

Volunteer, part-time, MBA

Story: I often have ideas. Recently learned how to articulate out job roles I am seeking. However, as of now I really am only about to ask for volunteer help because I have no way of understanding how to pay for all these job roles I have set fourth. After my digital business class, I now recognize that I must create the granular for each plan on how the business will run. This takes a lot of time and excellent research. I am not good at long projects.

Your role: work on the granular decks

My role: watch you on the computer as you write up the granular decks for each of my ideas. Dedicated just to me and not asking where I go but doing it for me. 

Volunteer, part-time: Singer-songwriter

Story: Even though i sing and found where to buy instrumentals and might be able to get help from an audio engineer, i still need lyrics and melody help. 

My role: i would like to sit in a studio with an audio engineer and you. 

Your role: you will come up with lyrics and a melody to an I made or add on to an existing melody where I need lyrics. In the studio you will be there by side me coaching me on what to sing next and how to do it

Volunteer, part-time: Media major/Communications

Story: I want to wear cool clothes, be famous, happy, rich, and have all my dreams come true. Go on the radio stations, talk shows, 

My role: be myself 

Your role: help me be the best version of me

Volunteer, paid-time: English major

Story: I’ve written a lot. I do make grammar mistakes. I want to write a book

Your role: proof read my blog posts and ghost write my book. You will sit down with my in person at a computer to work on this

My role: i will sit down

Volunteer, part-time: MBA

Story: I’ve been sitting on an art project for a while and want to move it along. I need to do market research 

Your role: market research, tell me what to do next

My role: i talk to you in person and show you we figure it out

Volunteer, full-time: Full service cleaning and chief

Story: I have no interest in doing laundry, making, my bed, making food, filling up gas, cleaning dishes, ironing my clothes

I also am not capability. I seriously need help. 

My role: do what i do

Your role: clean up after me and make me food and do tasks i can’t/don’t think about, 

Volunteer, Part-time: Assistant

Story: i have trouble managing my schedule and making appointments. I also find it difficult connecting them to other projects and identifying which are important.

Your role: check in with me on my schedule

My role: do what i do

Volunteer,Full time: accountant

Story: I have no idea how bills work. I am not good at finances and don’t know much about them. It’s really not something i care about or want to think about. I’d prefer to just do what i want

Your role: review my finances

My role: buy things

Volunteer, part-time: Friends and girlfriends

Story: I sometimes find it difficult to meet friends and girls. For friends, it’s usually because I am looking for something from them and never end up getting to just hang out. I guess now that I understand job roles that might change and put people and skills as distinctive. Although not completely. And girls, yes, I would like to meet girls.

Your role: like me

My role: be me

Volunteer, full-time:Public service

Story: Healthcare, firefighter, dentist I recognize these and more are job roles that I can’t do myself. I will at some point or here and there need them.

Your role: do your job

My role: I do my job

Volunteer, part-time: Theologist

Story: I’ve always wanted to have faith. However, science seems to categorically dispute it. Nevertheless, mortality is very sad and scary.

Your role: Share with my why faith exists

My role: Ask questions

Volunteer, part-time: Tutor

Story: I’ve always had trouble in school. It was hard sitting still. Early on, I never read and my teachers helped me. I don’t understand why. 

Volunteer, part-time: Film maker

Story: I have a lot or project ideas and pictures on social media. Video maybe a documentary or something would turn more alive. 

Your role: review what I’ve posted to come up with a story board for the projects and ultimately execute on the visions

My role: hear what your ideas, say I like it because I probably will

Volunteer, part-time: Linguist

Analyzing all my writing and speaking to share insights

Volunteer, part-time: Research Librarian

Story: I have 250+ projects that are all in the early stages. It’s fun.

Your role: I’m looking for a professional researcher to collect as much knowledge. By you doing this, with more knowledge than competitors, a product or service can offer a original idea or one that is 10 times better than everyone else.

my role: I will work alongside an MBA to exploit the monetization, business model canvas, granular deck, pitch deck, and cashflow projections/assumptions.