Founder of two Senior capstones totalling 28 students at a University, IBM Watson Analytics Small Business Certified, participant in two Yale Hackathons, volunteered at Hack Harvard and the MIT virtual reality hackathon, previously took classes at Harvard, worked at Harvard, and interned for a multimillion dollar company. Currently studying Entrepreneurship at Quinnipiac University with a 3.5 gpa.

Interests: build a universal mind upload center to digitize the biological information embedded in the brain tissue by copying and transferring neurons via vitrification and serial sectioning to fight death, bioprinting new human bodies as life support, building whole body prosthetics as life support, creating nanotechnology to augment away diseases, developing a free participatory society app to change how living standard works, non invasively simulating the "RTPJ" part of the brain so everyone is moral, among others.

I've exchanged emails with 100+ biomedical professors at Harvard, MIT, Duke, UConn, CalTech, Georgia Tech etc., along with presidents of universities, partners at billionaire family offices, and researchers. Also lived in Cambridge, MA for a year where I met Harvard and MIT professors/students at startup incubators, events, and classes.


I am extremely passionate about mental health, helping non technical entrepreneurs, and finding solutions to unsolved science problems. 

My hope is to partner with superstars, billionaires, and institutional investors to sponsor my projects:

* Fight death - www.minduploadcenter.world

* Fight suffering p1 - www.wholebodyprosthetics.world

* Fight suffering p2 - www.humanbioprinters.world

* Solve world problems - www.scicollab.net

* Prevent world problems - www.preventable.info

* Prevent violence, law enforcement, and legal system - www.moralitycenters.world

* Fight taxes - www.libertariansocialism.biz

* Music - www.ellery.hearnow.com

* Music videos - www.elleryyoutube.com

* And more at https://devpost.com/enewton24 and www.ellerynewton.co

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Ellery Newton has the rare ability to think. Ellery's willingness to wrestle with complex concepts, overall diligence, and ability to easily establish rapport with others demonstrate his intellectual capability and preparedness to thrive.