Here are the problems I found that exist in the world..and we’re running out of time

There are dozens of incurable diseases, cancers with a 100% mortality rate (100’s of cancer total), and we all biologically age (senescence). The ”U.S spends 50x more on treatments than prevention and research.“ Further, there are accidents, disasters, violence, and global issues. Neuroscience can point to prayer in the brain, neuroscience can point to morality in the brain, neuroscience can recreate the religious experience feeling with a helmet, neuroscience identifies the two prerequisites to consciousness are awareness and arrousal, free will is seemingly deterministic, physicists found the universe is not a simulation after an experiment on the biggest computer, and physics can measure the energy of people who have passed away proving their energy goes back to the universe. Hundreds of thousands die everyday, tens of millions die every year, and 107 billion before us. The average lifespan a few thousand years ago was 19 and now it’s 85. Physical beauty is objective by symmetry, love is perhaps a chemical addiction, and status/personality/appearance/income/wealth/education is part of a social hierachy among us. We have needs and wants although they are not equally shared, instead an economy based on competition. Money is valuable because it’s scarce. Nevertheless, it’s use is utility. Other options are bartering, alternative credit, or no wages in a decentralized society. Not believing in quantifiable objective truths is cognitive dissonance and not experiencing the world empirically is cognitively distortive. 

This website lists live stats of mortality in America:

Here are two other live stats that are going on in America and the globe + And this site shows famous scientists alive today + the most influential people of all time and this website shows a profile of some of the world’s problems: